NWNS offers an extensive array of services, encompassing technical support, logistics, and project management. Our expertise shines through in:

Ground Support for Global Satellite Networks

For Global Telecommunication and Critical Communication Providers

Implementation, maintenance, configuration, troubleshooting, licensing, and logistics services. High availability in 140 countries.

Persistent internet in UAE, India, KSA, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Kenya

For Global SD-WAN Providers and Operators

Competitive procurement, implementation, and management of SD-WAN networks including upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Ground Segment Site Acquisition & Commissioning

For Satellite

Unparalleled experience and global reach puts us in a unique position in acquiring the best possible sites. In addition, we install, commission, and maintain ground stations, providing a turnkey solution.

Site Power, Beam, Spectrum and Interference Monitoring

For Satellite

We install and maintain comprehensive monitoring facilities in desired geographies to ensure seamless operation, high-quality communication links, and greater operational efficiency.

Aerial Analytics
for Agriculture

For Farmers, Banks, Insurers, Seed and Agri Input Companies, Government and NGOs

Leverage remote sensing in agriculture for monitoring crops, pest and disease detection, nutrient deficiencies, weed encroachment and water stress monitoring leading to yield optimization.

Aerial Analytics for Open Mining

For Mine
Operators and

Volumetric measurements, safety, and compliance assessments for mines with drone photogrammetry. End-to-end solutions.

Aerial Analytics for Infrastructure

For Utilities, Power, Pipeline and Telecommunication Operators

Identify network defects and prevent foreign encroachments early with AI-powered aerial inspections. Also inspections for oil rigs, wind turbines, and other offshore installations.

Aerial Analytics for Transportation

For Road, Rail
and Marine Agencies

Planning, construction, and safety monitoring for road and rail networks, traffic patterns, and other development and people encroachment in the vicinity.

Micro-Grids – Installation, Support, and Maintenance

For Telecommunication

Independent and reliable power for data warehouses and communication networks.

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