Aerial Analytics

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For Mine Operators and Government Agencies

Unlock the full potential of your mining operations with advanced aerial analytics. Our comprehensive solutions offer accurate volumetric measurements, enhanced safety assessments, and stringent compliance evaluations through cutting-edge drone photogrammetry. Experience the power of end-to-end solutions tailored specifically for the mining industry.

Why Choose Aerial Analytics?

Remote sensing technology is transforming agriculture by providing detailed, real-time data on various aspects of crop health and field conditions. Our aerial analytics services offer comprehensive monitoring solutions that help you make informed decisions, reduce risks, and maximize yields.

Precision Volumetric Measurements

Accurate measurement of stockpiles, excavation sites, and other critical areas is essential for efficient mining operations. Our drone photogrammetry technology provides precise volumetric data, enabling you to:

  • 01 Monitor and manage inventory with unprecedented accuracy.
  • 02 Optimize resource allocation and reduce operational costs.
  • 03 Generate detailed 3D models for better visualization and planning.

Enhanced Safety Assessments

Safety is paramount in mining operations. Our aerial analytics services help you maintain the highest safety standards by:

  • 01 Identifying potential hazards and risky areas quickly.
  • 02 Conducting regular and thorough site inspections without putting personnel at risk.
  • 03 Providing actionable insights to improve site safety protocols and emergency response plans.

Stringent Compliance Evaluations

Ensure your mining operations meet all regulatory requirements with our comprehensive compliance assessments. We offer:

  • 01 Detailed environmental impact assessments.
  • 02 Regular monitoring to ensure adherence to local and international regulations.
  • 03 Comprehensive reports to facilitate transparent communication with stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

End-to-End Solutions

From initial assessment to ongoing monitoring, our end-to-end solutions cover every aspect of aerial analytics for mining operations:

  • Initial Consultation We work with you to understand your specific needs and challenges.
  • Customized Solutions Tailor-made aerial analytics packages designed to meet your unique requirements.
  • Data Collection and Analysis Utilizing state-of-the-art drones and software to gather and interpret critical data.
  • Reporting and Recommendations Comprehensive reports with actionable insights to drive your operations forward.

Our product & service applications for mining industries:

Our aerial analytics platform integrates cutting-edge remote sensing technology with advanced data analytics to provide actionable insights:

  • 01 Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • 02 Hazard Identification and Mitigation
  • 03 Assessment Before and After Drilling or Blasting
  • 04 Water and Sediment Flow Analysis
  • 05 Mine or Quarry Monitoring and Operation Planning
  • 06 Stockpile Management
  • 07 Geological Documentation and Analysis
  • 08 Profile Measurement
  • 09 Volumetric Calculation, e.g. Excavation
  • 10 Dump Site Analysis

Why Choose Us?


  • Expertise Years of experience in the mining and aerial analytics industry.
  • Technology Cutting-edge drone photogrammetry and data analysis tools.
  • Reliability Dependable and accurate data collection and reporting.
  • Compliance In-depth understanding of mining regulations and standards.

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