About Us

Welcome to Next World Network Services (NWNS), a distinguished leader in IT and data services since 2008. Specializing in remote sensing, satellite, and enterprise data networking, NWNS serves as your global partner, catering to satellite and telecommunication companies, banks, insurance firms, governments, NGOs, and the agricultural sector worldwide. Our mission is to transform your ‘always on’ digital networks from merely functional to exceptional, making your data analytics predictive and enhancing the productivity, profitability, safety, and compliance of your operations. With our services spanning 140 countries, NWNS is your trusted ally in ensuring peak performance and success for your data operations across the globe.


Over the past 15 years, we’ve established a robust network of over 200 resourceful local field service representatives, offering proficient and well-equipped support in nearly every country. A single call or email to our 24/7 call center initiates our responsive action, maintaining this single point of contact until project completion. Our 50+ years of experience in emerging markets enable us to navigate uncertain environments effectively, earning the trust of diverse businesses in safeguarding their reputation and clientele.

Our Philosophy

Our ethos extends beyond being mere service providers; we are dedicated problem-solvers committed to your project’s triumph. Our methodology synergizes deep technical insight with a pragmatic, hands-on approach, delivering impactful results that truly make a difference.

Our Commitment

At NWNS, we’re not just an extension of your operations team; we’re your strategic allies in navigating IT complexities, wherever they arise. Our blend of technical prowess, an expansive global network of field service technicians, and a wealth of experience guarantees services that are not just reliable, but exemplary and timely. We don’t just manage your projects; we own and champion them to completion with unwavering dedication and precision. When appropriate we dispatch skilled engineers from HQ to ensure work quality and timeliness.

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