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NWNS. Serving global telecommunication
companies since 2008.


Satellite & data field services. Reaching 140 countries.

Field Services

NWNS offers an extensive array of services, encompassing technical support, logistics, and project management. Our expertise shines through in:

SD-WAN Connectivity

Obtaining SD-WAN connectivity to enhance your network's performance and reliability; at an affordable cost.
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Infrastructure Monitoring (IoT)

Utilizing IoT technology for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, providing real-time insights and proactive maintenance.
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Network Ground Support

Providing rapid and efficient ground support to keep your networks running smoothly. Be it implementation, relocation, maintenance, trouble-shooting or change management.
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Site Acquisition Services

Expertise in acquiring sites for teleports and spectrum/power monitoring, ensuring optimal location and setup for your operations with reliable power, security, internet, climate control and other requirements.
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Remote Sensing for agriculture

Leveraging remote sensing in agriculture enhances crop monitoring, disease detection, and yield prediction for improved decision-making.
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Data Acquisition and Transposing

Efficient data acquisition and transposing services, ensuring accuracy and utility of your data.
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Spectrum Interference Management

Advanced solutions for managing spectrum interference, ensuring clear, reliable communications.
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Additional Services

Logistics and Regulatory Support: NWNS goes beyond technical services, offering logistics solutions and regulatory support to navigate complex project requirements.
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About Us

Welcome to Next World Network Services (NWNS), a recognized force in IT and data services since 2008. Specializing in remote satellite and enterprise data networking, NWNS is your global partner, serving satellite and telecommunication companies across the globe. We’re committed to elevating your ‘always on’ digital networks from functional to phenomenal. Our expert team, driven by excellence, strives tirelessly to fulfill this commitment. With our services reaching over 140 countries, we are your ally in ensuring peak performance and success for your networks, across countries globally.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve established a robust network of over 200 resourceful local field service representatives, offering proficient and well-equipped support in nearly every country. A single call or email to our 24/7 call center initiates our responsive action, maintaining this single point of contact until project completion.

Our 50+ years of experience in emerging markets enable us to navigate uncertain environments effectively, earning the trust of diverse businesses in safeguarding their reputation and clientele.

Our ethos extends beyond being mere service providers; we are dedicated problem-solvers committed to your project’s triumph. Our methodology synergizes deep technical insight with a pragmatic, hands-on approach, delivering impactful results that truly make a difference.

At NWNS, we’re not just an extension of your operations team; we’re your strategic allies in navigating IT complexities, wherever they arise. Our blend of technical prowess, an expansive global network of field service technicians, and a wealth of experience guarantees services that are not just reliable, but exemplary and timely. We don’t just manage your projects; we own and champion them to completion with unwavering dedication and precision. When appropriate we dispatch skilled engineers from HQ to ensure work quality and timeliness

Why NWNS ?

NWNS’s global presence fused with local expertise ensures unmatched service in managing and supporting sites worldwide.

Our services become invaluable when multiple sites in multiple geographies, need to be commissioned simultaneously.

Our team, defined by dedication and expertise, continuously seeks to elevate your success. With transparent pricing and highly trained service delivery teams, we focus on enhancing your performance and bottom line.

NWNS leverages a user-friendly web-based platform for streamlined operations, encompassing all aspects from support tickets to project delivery, complete with powerful reporting and regular updates.

We operate up to date, code of conduct, privacy and ethics policies and conduct regular familiarization training and assessments for all members.

Insurances available on request for extra ordinary project risks and as required by your operations policies.

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